Hello and welcome! If you are looking for for a transcriber who is experienced, accurate, reliable and discreet, you can STOP looking right now. Your search is over.

Because my audio/video transcription experience is varied not only in type of transcription (audio and video formats) but also industry ( fashion, labor, law enforcement, marketing, business, sales, human services, etc.), your transcription projects would be in good hands with me. I am not limited by industry.  My Express Scribe Pro for Windows software supports many formats as well.

Why choose A/V Transcriber?

Reason #1

When I grew up, people lived in tight-knit communities and knew their neighbors as well as the folks they did business with. Trustworthiness, reliability, and friendliness were common qualities. Though people worked hard, they took the time to extend a friendly smile for customers and and sometimes a short break to chat over a hot cup of coffee.

Times have changed and the world is quite different now. The pace of life is extremely fast today. If there is time for coffee, it’s usually on the go. People are working just as hard but there is just not much community today. It’s not as easy to find business people you can trust to be fair and reliable.

Though Audio/Video Transcriber is a virtual business, my clients can expect from me those values that used to mean something long ago – friendliness, reliability, trustworthiness.

Reason #2

You would be working with someone who is an experienced transcriber and very good at it. I’ve also sub-contracted with several of the large Internet transcription companies since January 2008. If you have ever worked with any of them and you were pleased with the end product, I just may have transcribed it!

Your document(s) will be accurate and formatted to your specifications. If there’s something I’m not familiar with, I won’t guess. I’ll look it up or I’ll ask.

Reason #3

I will meet the deadline of any project I accept barring something outside of my control such as local power outages. For the record, I haven’t experienced anything that would shut me down since the widespread blackout that affected the U.S. and Canada in 2003.

Reason #4

I practice direct, open, and honest communication and I welcome you to do the same. I believe that it creates great business relationships.


I run a micro business. Therefore,

I am well suited for …

Internet entrepreneurs and other solo professionals, individuals, educators, small businesses, authors, students, etc. for roundtable discussions, webinars, podcasts, interviews, dissertations, overflow and short-term projects, etc. This is just an example of my market. If you’re not sure that you would fit into it or whether or not I would be able to handle your project, contact me. Let me get some clarity on exactly what you need done and we’ll see if I can help after all.